Le Pluggy earplug to proctect your ears

Le Pluggy earplug to proctect your ears View full size

- LE PLUGGY - earplug for underwater swimming
- Made in France by AURICULAR PLUG, specialists since 1927
- Perfectly watertight
- Excellent, unimpeded hearing
- Adapts to either ear
- Comfortable in the ear
- Listen to music underwater while protecting your ears
        - While floating (floating mattress + LE PLUGGY earplug)
        - Under water (mask / snorkel + LE PLUGGY earplug)
- The earplug is reusable and long lasting.

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6,20 € tax excl.

For ears sensitive to water (discomfort, inconvenience or ENT problems), we propose the LE PLUGGY earplug, an effective solution while in the pool – swimming or underwater.  

You can immerse your ears confidently and safely with this watertight ear protection and enjoy the music played through Aquamusique’s underwater speakers, as the earplug allows sound to pass through:

  • in your musicla bathtub
  • in the pool
  • in a spa
  • in thermal or thalassotherapy baths
  • during synchronized swimming