What happens during an Aquamusique session?

The phenomenon AQUAMUSIQUE is very easy to understand: An underwater speaker is connected to the music source and immersed in the pool. The music creates vibrations in the pool water. Since about 75% of the human body is composed of water, the musical waves are able to penetrate the body and travel to the brain through this transmitter. The ability of the body to listen, which we term "amnio-tymphanic perception", does not disappear after birth. It remains latent, lacking the potential of our invention. Thanks to the underwater speaker, we are able to reactivate this capacity for listening which, in fact, is twofold. The combination of these two types of listening – first, through the ear that hears sound in the water, and second, through the "amnio-tymphanic" perception of the body - produces a Musical Massage®. Technically speaking, we could say that the membrane of the speaker acts as substitute for the eardrum and transmits, in the form of vibrations, the sound waves directly to the fluid of the inner ear, while at the same time enhancing the normal listening process through bone resonance.

What do you mean by Musical Massage®?

A Musical Massage® gives music its power and its original purpose: that of helping us to cope with the stresses on our bodies and our minds caused by our human activities. This new capacity to listen will prove to be the best anti-stress technique in the world as it responds to a pressing need using simple, safe and abundant resources: water and music. If we consider the countless varieties of music that exist in the world, we easily understand that creating music has a meaning. Aquamusique simply recaptures this collective sense, and by importing it into the human body, through the Musical Massage® technique, give full power to this continuous musical creativity. In fact, I prefer to speak of it as a solution, rather than a creation, because I believe that music is simply a "technical solution" to help reduce stress.

How does one listen to music in water?

Underwater listening is not the usual way you listen to music because you combine both swimming and listening. You forget the feel of the water and, amazingly, find yourself swimming in music! It can be done in two simple ways: above water and under water. 1 - In the first instance, we have developed a floating system that we call the “AQUAMUSIQUE mattress” on which you can recline very comfortably. It allows the body to relax very quickly and you do not have to "surmount" the water element. The music will permeate you gently, slowly, and engender a perception that we can only qualify as "extraordinary”. 2 – In the second case, it all happens under water! For those who prefer musical sensations that are livelier, the technique requires a snorkel and mask. Why a snorkel and mask? Very simply because swimming underwater can cause some discomfort and irritation in the eyes and nose. Also, if you dive without a snorkel, you need to lift your head out of the water to breathe, and you will lose track of the music you are listening to under water. The snorkel and mask allows you to continue listening to the music and swim underwater - to the bottom, middle, right, or left, dance, and play with the musical waves. Personally, I prefer this solution, although using the mattress is more calm and relaxing. We think the mattress will suit more people than underwater listening. The advantage of the snorkel-mask technique lies in the fact that you are free to move to the music. When I say move, I do not mean swim, I mean dance around, you can choose and vary your movements, according to your mood and the music you are listening to. This will certainly change how you behave in the water or under water. In short, the mask-snorkel is freedom, you can move as you please; the mattress is comfort.

What music should one listen to?

We recommend, and this is the only suggestion we offer, that you choose music that promotes relaxation, since water itself is an invitation to wellbeing. The music will enhance this effect. It therefore seems counter-productive to use music that counters the sense of relaxation one feels when the body is immersed in a pool.

Can you give me some tips to make the most of the Aquamusique system?

An AQUAMUSIQUE system consists of a power amplifier and speakers (2 speakers of 60 watts, 8 ohms, or 4 speakers of 60 watts, 8 ohms, if you use four speakers in your pool). You connect the amplifier to a music source of your choice: CD player, MP3 player, iPod. Note however, it is better to choose a recording in an uncompressed format. The installation of our underwater speakers, the "Seashell" model, is not difficult. Simply immerse them in the two farthest points of your pool and judge for yourself which of these two positions, which of these two depths, best suit the acoustic performance of the speakers. For installation of the in-built speakers, refer to the Technical Specifications available on: www.underwaterspeaker.com.

What is the right recipe for an Aquamusique session?

It's very simple - choose music that suits your mood. If you want to unwind, choose music that is conducive to relaxation. The duration of a session varies. Not according to taste or mood, but depending on the temperature of the water. Hence, the temperature of the water is more important than the size of the pool..